Thanks ASPSU Student Senate!

On Tuesday we had the opportunity to present our project to the ASPSU Student Senate. We took them through some of the increasing costs students will face starting next year and had a good discussion afterwards about our research and the path forward. We’re excited about the work ASPSU is doing on this subject and will continue working with them through the end of our project.

University Transit Pass Alternatives Report

For those of you interested in the alternatives presented in our student survey, we have released a new report: University Transit Pass Alternatives. In the report, we consider the advantages and disadvantages of each as well as how they could be funded and related challenges. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email, Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments section of this or any other post on the website.

The Survey is Active!

If you’re a student at PSU, please click on the black box to the right to take the survey and enter a drawing to win one of five $20 gift certificates at Fred Meyer. We want to know what students want out of a transportation program and how much they’re willing to pay. This information will inform discussions with TriMet and the future of the FlexPass program.

Please let us know if you have any problems accessing the survey.

FlexPass Savings Calculator

To help people understand the current cost savings, we have developed the calculator below. It is based on a different costs now (Spring Quarter 2012) vs. in Fall 2012. Currently, a 2-hour TriMet fare is $2.10 and the FlexPass costs $190 per quarter. By next Fall, Tri-Met will have raised its fares to $2.50 (and eliminated the zone-based fare system), and the FlexPass will get more expensive, costing up to $230 per term. To see your savings, type in the number of days you come to campus and the number of other trips you take using buses, the MAX, or the streetcar.

As we near the release of the student survey we will produce similar savings calculators for each of the proposed alternatives!

Report: Urban University Transit Pass Programs

We are pleased to release a recent report we completed that surveys the transit pass programs at the Urban 21 universities. These are universities (including PSU) whose campus sits within the urban core of a major US city. The report allows us to understand how other urban universities have met the challenges of getting students to and from campus. Future research will focus on universities that are recognized leaders in sustainability regardless of their setting. Let us know what you think! Read: Urban University Transit Pass Programs

Background research complete

We have completed background research on the Urban 21 Universities of which PSU is a member. These universities are all located within the urban core of cities and therefore face similar issues when it comes to housing and transportation for students. By studying what has worked and what has not we have begun the process of developing alternatives for a new program here at PSU. The full report will be posted shortly.